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Apple is still the unattainable leader in the tablet market, which for the first time in 4.5 years has returned to growth

As a recent Apple report showed, only iPad tablets sold better in the past quarter than in the same period last year when it comes to the Cupertin’s oldest iron...


Bug or feature ?! IOS 13 found a mode of working with two applications at the same time

Like on an iPad! In iOS 13, the mode of working with two applications at the same time on the iPhone may appear. This was indicated by a failure in...


Why is it time to stop calling the upcoming Apple iPhone SE 2 smartphone

The smartphone will be very different from SE, primarily in size. Now the headlines in the news portals are full of the name of the new budget smartphone from Apple,...


Capitalization of Apple for the first time in a long time exceeded $ 1 trillion

The last time this happened in May 2019. On Wednesday, Apple began trading at $ 218.07. The price confidently added during the day and continued to grow on Thursday and...


Steve Wozniak: “Apple should have split up a long time ago”

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is always very frank and never skimp on criticisms of world-famous IT personalities like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and others. Quite often, Steve Wozniak criticizes the...


Forbes told what smartphone users spend time on

Most smartphone users spend on puzzle games, e-books and videos. Forbes, commissioned by Mideascope, conducted research that revealed that smartphone users spend the most time on mobile puzzle games. More...


Xiaomi entered the Fortune Global 500 rating for the first time. There were more Chinese companies than American ones for the first time in all time.

Fortune magazine this week presented a recent ranking of the world's largest companies Fortune Global 500, the criteria for the compilation of which is the company's revenue. The new rating...


Tim Cook: "Silicon Valley is time to take up the mind and think about the consequences of their own actions"

Last weekend, Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke to alumni at Stanford University. In addition to the usual motivating words, he shared with young people his critical opinion about Silicon Valley....


 “Time to play fair”: Spotify complained about Apple to the European Commission

Swedish music streaming service Spotify complained about Apple to the European Commission, accusing the latter of noncompetitive behavior. About filing a complaint in the official blog of the company said...