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Windows 10 users complained about missing Paint and Notepad

Very strange. Some users of computers running Windows 10 with the May 2004 update installed complained about the loss of the standard Paint and Notepad programs. According to reviews, the...


For the first time in years. Windows 10 users will get a new app from Apple

We are waiting until the end of the year. Apple plans to release a new app for Windows 10. According to sources from Aggiornamenti Lumia, the new free app will...


IOS 13.6 seems to be the best version of iOS 13. Users are very satisfied

The release will be soon. IPhone users praised the GM version of iOS 13.6, which was released by Apple on July 9th. According to reviews, iOS 13.6 does not contain...


The terrible bug of iOS 14 frightened users

Scary. IPhone users running the beta version of iOS 14 drew attention to an unusual and terrible bug that could occur in the new operating system. Due to a flaw...


Chrome will save users from malicious requests

Already in the next version. The new version of Google Chrome 84.0 will include a system for blocking unwanted and malicious requests from sites. Chrome will automatically block requests for...


Users leave Android smartphones for iPhone SE (2020)

The novelty has interested many. The 2nd generation iPhone SE has found great popularity among users of Android smartphones. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, ex-users of Android devices make...


Users have named the most beautiful iPhone in history. You can disagree

An old but legendary model. Which iPhone is the most beautiful? Users from the popular resource Reddit asked this question in a large-scale discussion and surprisingly did a good job...


Arrived. iOS 13.4.1 broke Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in some users

Unpleasant. The latest update for the iPhone was not successful for everyone. According to user reviews, after installing iOS 13.4.1 on their iPhone, there were problems connecting to Wi-Fi and...


Unusual bug with a transparent keyboard on the iPhone puzzled users

This is definitely not seen. IPhone users have discovered a new unusual bug, as a result of which a transparent keyboard hangs on the device. The bug works on all...


Samsung massively sent units and scared users

Unusual newsletter. Samsung accidentally mass-sent a strange notification through the Find My Mobile app. Users of Samsung smartphones around the world have received an alert with the heading “1” and...

Updated and more detailed Apple maps are now available to all users in the United States, Europe is next in line


Updated and more detailed Apple maps are now available to all users in the United States, Europe is next in line

Apple said that recycled maps in its Maps application are now available to all users in the United States. The company first announced plans to remake its cards in June...

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