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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus c 5G presented – review, price, where to buy

The iPhones have serious competitors! On August 7, at an event in New York, Samsung introduced the new flagship Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus. The devices received...


Apple showed 4 videos that cause “trembling in the body”

On the Apple Youtube channel, 4 new videos in ASMR format appeared. Employees from Apple uploaded a video to the network in which they showed what their camcorders are capable...


iPhone exploded during repair

Another example of how dangerous a swollen battery can be. A video appeared on the Reddit website, once again confirming the high danger of swollen batteries. In the video, we...


Mac Book recommends purchasing Surface (rather than Air) in new Microsoft ad [видео]

Microsoft decided to recall the classic PC vs. Mac, in which Apple in a comic form proved the superiority of their computers over PCs running Windows. Now the Mac Book...


What will be the 5G speed on the iPhone 2020?

Trying to imagine 5G speed on subsequent iPhones. Apple does not plan to release 5G smartphones until the fall of 2020. However, other manufacturers and mobile operators are already testing...


WhatsApp is available on push-button phones

All basic functions of the application are saved. WhatsApp messenger has become available on tens of millions of push-button phones. It can already be downloaded from KaiStore, the company's application...


Fitness applications on the iPhone for men and women

An available fitness guide in your iPhone. Popularization of classes in the gym is everywhere and beginners do not have any difficulties in the preparation of training programs or nutrition....


How to download press – applications for iPhone

In order to maintain excellent physical fitness, it is not necessary to attend a fitness club. Right at home, armed with the desire and a set of useful applications for...


Apple patented augmented reality headset that can track the entire facial expression

Apple has filed a patent application that describes a mixed reality integrated headset. Potentially, it may include sensors and sensors that track the facial features, eyes and hands of the...


Lovina – dating from VKontakte (17+)

VKontakte launches new dating service. Release date – August 14, 2019. The most popular social network in Russia, VKontakte, decided to create Tinder type dating services for competitors. Lovina –...


MacBook Pro 13 ″ 2019 – Apple Notebook Review

Content 1 Completion and first impressions 2 Design and usability 3 Display 4 Keyboard, trackpad, multimedia 5 Touch Bar and Touch ID 6 Performance and software 7 Cooling system 8...


Apple chose Kiev again to create a new advertisement for its product (AirPods headphones), Radioaktive Film took part in the filming

The other day, Apple released a new ad called Bounce / Jumping to promote its new AirPods wireless headset. The movie is notable for several aspects. First, it is black...

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