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5 YouTube channels to kill boredom

Very funny! You can get bored on YouTube. If you got tired of the video with cats and last year’s selections with memes, it's time to find something new. In...


OnePlus 7T Pro vs iPhone 11 Pro Max. Who is faster?

The winner is obvious. Or not? A couple of days ago, OnePlus held a grand event, in which it showed its most sophisticated smartphone – OnePlus 7T Pro. For many,...


Video of the day: how mobile OS ascended and died. From Palm OS to iOS and Android

Ten years in one video. What operating systems were the most popular 10 years ago? And what has changed by 2019? YouTube channel Data Is Beautiful has published a dynamic...


TOP 10 people on VKontakte. Medvedev and Ivangay in the same company

The politician got into the selection. Different people prefer to use different social networks, there’s simply not enough time for everything. Someone likes the idea of ​​Instagram and they like...


People hate it. TOP 9 YouTube’s most rearranged videos (+ bonus)

Sometimes people are sincere, and sometimes a blogger asks to dislike. More recently, we made an up-to-date selection of Russian-language Youtube channels with the largest number of subscribers. There were...


Named the price of Samsung Galaxy Fold in Russia. IPhones are much cheaper

Very expensive. Samsung has officially announced the launch of sales of the Samsung Galaxy Fold in Russia. An innovative folding smartphone will be on store shelves on October 25th. It...


Is 5G launch just around the corner? Fifth Generation Networks Tested in Russia

5G test networks are breaking speed records. Telecommunications operator MTS and Samsung at the exhibition M.Video Electronics Show showed what fifth-generation networks are capable of. The partners deployed a dedicated...


ASBIS announced official prices for Apple's new products in Ukraine: iPhone 11 – from 22999 UAH, iPhone 11 Pro – from 33999 UAH, iPhone 11 Pro Max – from 37999 UAH, Apple Watch Series 5 – from 12999 UAH, iPad – from 9499 UAH

ASBIS-Ukraine, the official distributor of Apple equipment, announced official prices and the beginning of pre-orders with reduced prices for the company's new products, including the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro...


Installed iOS 13.1 on iPhone SE. This is a delight, but there are a couple of stocks

The dark topic is not very. Yes it is. We must start with the fact that I have a relatively recent iPhone. I described my first impressions of him here....


iPhone 11 – familiar design and new cameras

Last year, Apple decided to experiment with its line of smartphones for the first time by introducing, along with the top models, their simplified version called iPhone Xr. Suddenly, even...


ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo: Big Revolution

The well-known ASUS company every year consolidates its position in the global computer electronics market. And this is facilitated not only by a high level of production, but also by...

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