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Forbes told what smartphone users spend time on

Most smartphone users spend on puzzle games, e-books and videos. Forbes, commissioned by Mideascope, conducted research that revealed that smartphone users spend the most time on mobile puzzle games. More...


IOS 13 beta 7 for developers has been released. What's new, how to install.

On August 15, 2019, the 7th beta version of iOS 13 was released for iPhones from 6s to Xs Max and iPod touch (7th generation). Build 17A5565b. Please note that...


IOS 13 beta 6 public has been released. What's new, how to install

Any owner of the iPhone 6s, 6s +, SE, 7, 7+, 8, 8+, X, Xr, Xs, Xs Max can install iOS 13 public beta 6. Early in the morning of...


IOS 13 beta 6 released – how to install what's new, reviews

This iOS 13 beta is for developers only. Everyone has a public beta of iOS 13. iOS 13 beta 6 was released on August 7, 2019. This firmware is intended...


Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus c 5G presented – review, price, where to buy

The iPhones have serious competitors! On August 7, at an event in New York, Samsung introduced the new flagship Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus. The devices received...


Battery statistics on iPhone are lying a lot – how to check for sure

Have you noticed that your battery is pretty exhausted? It's too early to panic! After the scandal with the deliberate slowdown of the iPhone at the end of last year,...


Does Microsoft listen and read dialogs on Skype?

It turned out that Microsoft has access to data on Skype calls and Cortana requests. Perhaps after such news you will think twice before using Skype for personal conversations and...


FAS filed antitrust case against Apple

An investigation will be conducted following a complaint from Kaspersky Lab. Antitrust proceedings have been filed against the American company Apple. FAS Russia will conduct an investigation in connection with...


The first 5G coated zone appeared in Moscow

Muscovites got the opportunity to try 5G in business, but there are nuances So it happened! In the Tele2 operator’s Twitter account, an announcement appeared that the company had organized...


Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL from Google will receive OLED screens with a frequency of 90 Hz

Google's new devices are expected to beat competitors in display quality. The main characteristics and appearance of the new Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL models have already been approved...


Apple showed 4 videos that cause “trembling in the body”

On the Apple Youtube channel, 4 new videos in ASMR format appeared. Employees from Apple uploaded a video to the network in which they showed what their camcorders are capable...


Public iOS 13 beta 5 released – how to install what's new, reviews

iOS 13 public beta 5 is available for installation to all owners of iPhone 6s, 6s +, 7, 7+, SE, 8, 8+, X, XR, XS and iPhone XS Max. On...

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