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WhatsApp has a new cheat check

A useful feature. The WhatsApp messenger has a new feature aimed at combating fraudulent and unwanted messages. According to WhatsApp officials, now suspicious and frequently forwarded messages in the messenger...


Animated Stickers Get to WhatsApp

True, not everyone has. Some users of the WhatsApp messenger drew attention to the great innovation that occurred in applications for iOS and Android. WhatsApp has added support for animated...


WhatsApp dark theme will not appear on older iPhone

And even on many new ones. The dark theme of the WhatsApp interface for iPhone will be available only to users of smartphones running iOS 13. This was revealed from...


WhatsApp found a serious bug. Experts advise updating

Vulnerability allows you to delete messages. Check Point security researchers have discovered a serious vulnerability in the WhatsApp app for iPhone and Android devices. Sending a special message to the...


WhatsApp will stop working on older iPhones with iOS 8

It's important to know. The popular WhatsApp messenger will no longer be supported on iPhones running iOS 8 and older. The change will enter into force on February 1, 2020....


WhatsApp is at stake. Hackers send out malicious video

It is important to upgrade. WhatsApp messenger detected a new critical vulnerability. A specially created MP4 file launches remote execution of malicious code on iPhone and Android devices. This allows...


Old smartphones will lose support for WhatsApp

Alas. The developers of the popular WhatsApp messenger announced the imminent end of support for older operating systems. Under the "distribution" were all obsolete smartphones with Windows Phone, iOS 8...


How to write in italics and bold in WhatsApp

The interlocutor will better understand the meaning if you emphasize the key points in the message. Correspondence over the network is devoid of emotions, and this is a key aspect...


WhatsApp is available on push-button phones

All basic functions of the application are saved. WhatsApp messenger has become available on tens of millions of push-button phones. It can already be downloaded from KaiStore, the company's application...

Apple, Google, Microsoft and WhatsApp opposed the British government, which wanted to be able to read encrypted messages.


Apple, Google, Microsoft and WhatsApp opposed the British government, which wanted to be able to read encrypted messages.

Large technology companies have long resisted government attempts to access messages and conversations in user chat. The next step in this struggle was an open letter addressed to the UK...