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WhatsApp will stop working on older iPhones with iOS 8

It's important to know. The popular WhatsApp messenger will no longer be supported on iPhones running iOS 8 and older. The change will enter into force on February 1, 2020....


The "gaming" browser Opera GX released on macOS

In June of this year, Opera introduced the “gaming” browser Opera GX with a distinctive design, control over the load on the processor and memory, and other gaming functions. Today,...


Apple named the best games and applications of 2019

As planned, late in the evening of December 2, Apple held a special event in New York, during which it summed up the outgoing 2019, naming the best, in its...


“We have suffered multi-billion dollar losses.” Intel accuses Qualcomm of unfair competition in the market of cellular modems for smartphones

The unexpected reconciliation of Qualcomm and Apple in April, which was the last in a round sum, left Intel with no other option than to abandon plans for the release...


An enthusiastic designer has developed an application that turns the iPhone into a classic iPod with Click Wheel and Cover Flow

An enthusiastic developer named Alvin Hu published a video on Twitter capturing an iPhone application that mimics the iPod Classic – here is the proprietary Click Wheel, and the three-dimensional...


Apple is changing the approach – there shouldn’t be any problems with future updates of problems like iOS 13

The release of the latest version of iOS 13, as you know, was very problematic. Actually, just the other day, the latest iOS 13.2.3 and iPadOS 13.2.3 firmware updates for...


Hooray! Apple is developing modern iTunes replacement for Windows

Looking forward to WWDC 2020. Apple is developing apps that will replace iTunes with Windows. The company is creating the “next generation of multimedia applications for Windows”, as indicated by...


Apple is looking for the main developer to create a new generation of media applications for Windows

Apple is forming a software development team that will develop media applications for Windows. This is evidenced by the corresponding vacancy on the Apple website – the company is looking...


Caution, nostalgia! 8 classic Windows programs that are incredibly nice to remember

Already "old school" brought. Ready to get a powerful shot of nostalgia? In this collection, we have collected classic utilities, without which it was impossible to imagine any computer 15-20...


5 best hidden Easter eggs on iPhone and Mac

Interesting! There are many Easter eggs in Apple products. In them, Apple thanks its employees and customers, pays close attention to details or simply teaches others (most often Microsoft). About...


Do not rush to install macOS Catalina. There are serious problems

First complaints. A few days ago, Apple released macOS Catalina. The operating system has many useful improvements, which we talked about in a detailed review. However, the first user reviews...

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