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Caution, nostalgia! 8 classic Windows programs that are incredibly nice to remember

Already "old school" brought. Ready to get a powerful shot of nostalgia? In this collection, we have collected classic utilities, without which it was impossible to imagine any computer 15-20...


5 best hidden Easter eggs on iPhone and Mac

Interesting! There are many Easter eggs in Apple products. In them, Apple thanks its employees and customers, pays close attention to details or simply teaches others (most often Microsoft). About...


Do not rush to install macOS Catalina. There are serious problems

First complaints. A few days ago, Apple released macOS Catalina. The operating system has many useful improvements, which we talked about in a detailed review. However, the first user reviews...


Call function will appear in Windows 10

New update. Ecosystem – this is perhaps one of the main advantages of Apple. All devices of the corporation work flawlessly in conjunction and separately – which makes the company's...


Old smartphones will lose support for WhatsApp

Alas. The developers of the popular WhatsApp messenger announced the imminent end of support for older operating systems. Under the "distribution" were all obsolete smartphones with Windows Phone, iOS 8...


Sberbank Online does not work Touch / Face ID in iOS 13? You're Not Alone – iPhone Crashing

In banking applications, trouble! Users of banking applications complain about the inability to use Touch ID and Face ID to confirm transactions. As it became known, the problem lies in...


Apple releases iOS 13.1, iPadOS 13.1, and tvOS 13 updates

As planned, today, September 24, Apple released an update to the iOS mobile operating system for version 13.1 and the new iPadOS for tablets. Obviously, the decision to speed up...


ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo: Big Revolution

The well-known ASUS company every year consolidates its position in the global computer electronics market. And this is facilitated not only by a high level of production, but also by...


Windows 10 gets tighter integration with Android

Windows 10 is getting better. The Apple ecosystem is unrivaled. All devices of the company, whether it is iPhone, iPad or Mac, work flawlessly in conjunction and separately. But competitors,...


Showcases Apple Store close black curtains

Apple is preparing some kind of surprise. For the first time in many years, Apple Store windows will be covered with black curtains. They will be removed after the presentation,...


Windows 10 can be reinstalled through the cloud

Updating Windows 10 20H1 will allow you to forget about local copies of the OS. In the spring of 2020, the Windows 10 operating system will receive a large-scale update...

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