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How to play Xbox One games on a Windows PC

You can play your favorite console games from your computer. The Xbox One game console can synchronize with any computer running Windows 10. Now you can safely play without taking...


Fifth Apple Retail Store Opens In Tokyo

The grand opening will take place on September 7th. For its next retail store, Apple chose the first floor of the Mitsubishi building in Tokyo's Marunouchi business district. It took...


Apple Card can be damaged by carrying it in your wallet

The owners of the new Apple Card note that the credit card is easy enough to damage during everyday use Apple issued its credit card just a couple of days...


IOS 13 beta 7 for developers has been released. What's new, how to install.

On August 15, 2019, the 7th beta version of iOS 13 was released for iPhones from 6s to Xs Max and iPod touch (7th generation). Build 17A5565b. Please note that...


Critical vulnerabilities found in Windows again

Calmly, everything is under control. Microsoft security experts have discovered and fixed two new vulnerabilities in the Windows operating system. You may be in danger if you use Windows 10...


IPad OS 13 Beta 5 Released – How to Install What's New

A new version of the OS is released for application developers. Apple released the iPad OS 13 beta 5 yesterday, July 29th. This firmware is designed for developers of applications...


Mac Book recommends purchasing Surface (rather than Air) in new Microsoft ad [видео]

Microsoft decided to recall the classic PC vs. Mac, in which Apple in a comic form proved the superiority of their computers over PCs running Windows. Now the Mac Book...


In Windows 10, a system restore function from the cloud may appear, similar to Internet Recovery in macOS

Microsoft plans to expand options for restoring the Windows 10 operating system and rolling back to factory settings. The company is testing a new cloud recovery feature in the event...


MacBook Pro 13 ″ 2019 – Apple Notebook Review

Content 1 Completion and first impressions 2 Design and usability 3 Display 4 Keyboard, trackpad, multimedia 5 Touch Bar and Touch ID 6 Performance and software 7 Cooling system 8...


Apple has significantly reduced the cost of replacing SSDs in Mac computers; a 1 TB SSD is now available for the MacBook Air

Apple yesterday not only unveiled updated MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops, simultaneously streamlining the model range of mobile PCs, but also made a number of changes relative to other...

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