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Found a way to simply remove ads on YouTube

It is very simple. Users of Reddit have discovered the easiest way to watch videos on YouTube without ads. The Reddit community liked the method so much that the post...


YouTube has cut the default video quality worldwide. But it is already bypassed

Users have found a way. YouTube has reduced the default video quality to 480p to ensure the stability of the Internet in the context of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. How...


5 cognitive YouTube channels in Russian

Watch and get smarter! YouTube is not just about instant entertainment. In the vastness of YouTube, it is quite possible to learn a lot of new things, and in any...


5 fascinating YouTube channels – stay tuned

So that the holidays are useful. If you watch holiday movies there is no strength, and you feel sick from the “New Year's lights”, it's time to pay attention to...


YouTube wanted to "forever block" in Russia

The real threat. YouTube and Yandex.Video services may be completely blocked in Russia for distributing pirated content. The largest Russian publishers intend to make a request for blocking if the...


5 YouTube channels to replace TV

We look! Our latest selection of engaging YouTube channels that are worth your attention. In this issue we have collected channels that completely replace the TV. Moreover, most of the...


5 YouTube channels to kill boredom

Very funny! You can get bored on YouTube. If you got tired of the video with cats and last year’s selections with memes, it's time to find something new. In...