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Tax officials searched the iLounge equipment store in Kiev, seizing products worth up to UAH 1 million

05.06.2020 0 Comments

Tax officials searched the iLounge equipment store in Kiev, seizing products worth up to UAH 1 million


On May 28, employees of the state fiscal service of Ukraine searched the premises of the showroom of the iLounge online store in Kiev – the investigative-operational group seized all available property, equipment and personal items from the warehouse, although by the court’s decision they could only seize the documents of the person suspected of illegal movement of goods across the border without paying a fee. Details of the incident by the ITC.UA editorial board were told by the head of iLounge Alexander Tsybart.

The showroom of the iLounge online store, specializing mainly in the sale of covers and small accessories for Apple devices, is located in Kiev at ul. Pavlovskaya 10.



The search was carried out in connection with the investigation of the activities of an individual entrepreneur related to the import of goods into Ukraine without paying a fee. That is what is indicated as the official reason for the search in the relevant court ruling (above is the photo of the document). The decision also mentions several more entrepreneurs, for whom, as the director of iLounge suggests, searches were also conducted. According to Alexander Tsybart, neither he nor his store are in any way connected with this person.

And although the court’s decision, which served as the basis for the search, was not directly related to iLounge, and allowed only the documents of the specified person to be seized, the SFS employees seized all the property, equipment and personal belongings belonging to the documents of another person whose name does not appear in the judgment. That is, there is a clear excess of authority by the employees of the SFS.

“The main task was to seize Apple equipment, as members of the investigation team repeatedly asked and searched throughout the premises, including opening a safe. But when it turned out that she was simply not here, they began to describe and seize accessories, cases and cables. As a result, investigators seized all goods from the warehouse, documents and personal items to further block activities. It is difficult to name the exact value of the seized property, approximately in the amount of up to UAH 1 million. ”

According to Tsybart, the search was carried out with numerous violations. Investigative actions began without a lawyer and in the premises, which, under a lease agreement, belong to another person. In addition, the investigator left the room with witnesses on 05/28/20, and the next day returned to continue the search, although the court order did not provide for this, and threatened criminal liability in response to objections. It is also reported that after the departure of the investigator and witnesses, two armed tax police officers remained in the store overnight without any explanation.

According to Tsybart, the two witnesses participating in the search themselves said that this was not the first time they did this at the request of the investigator, but one, as it later turned out, had two convictions. The lawyer and the employees provided the investigator with documents for the goods confirming its origin, as well as documents indicating that the goods had nothing to do with the person appearing in the decision, but, according to Tsybart, he simply ignored them.

Finally, the director of iLounge emphasizes that the data on the implementation of the iLounge of Meizu, Xiaomi, Huawei mobile phones specified in the resolution are obviously false, since the online store never stated these positions in its catalog.

On May 28, iLounge suspended work, but as of today, June 4, all work processes have been restored “thanks to the active support of suppliers and partners.”

At iLounge, they intend to challenge the actions of the SFS and are preparing a corresponding complaint.

It remains to add that this story with iLounge exactly repeats last year’s case with the Kiev Bigmag equipment store.

Tax officials searched the Kiev Bigmag equipment store, seizing goods for hundreds of thousands of hryvnias


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