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Technobloger tested iPhone 11 Pro Max for durability

26.09.2019 0 Comments


Zach Nielsen, author of the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel, is known for his love of gadget strength testing. Most recently, he conducted a destructive test of the long-suffering Galaxy Fold, dwelling in detail on its strengths and weaknesses. Just the other day, the iPhone 11 Pro Max, Apple's flagship novelty in a fashionable and scarce case in dark green, fell into his hands. Let's see what happened to the device after Zak put his hands on it and his proprietary set of tools.


iPhone 11 Pro Max in the blogger’s hand

Having got rid of the films protecting the smartphone’s case, the blogger started the first test, during which he tested the glass of the iPhone 11 Pro Max with a screwdriver for scratch resistance. The first visible damage appeared when the tool was toughened by a hardness of six or more on the Mohs scale.

The Mohs scale is used for an approximate assessment of the relative hardness of materials by scratching on a ten-point scale.

At the same time, an attempt to scratch the glass with an office knife did not lead to any results. Also, the knife did not cause visible damage to the speaker guard. Nevertheless, the blogger noticed that glass is glass, so it can be accidentally broken if you try very hard.

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The edge of the glass, covered with a special protective layer, came with difficulty, and, nevertheless, Zack was able to remove good shavings from it. Nielsen came to the conclusion that the glass would definitely survive the neighborhood with keys, a trifle and even a sharp knife without any problems, after which he proceeded to the second strength test. A case made of steel practically did not succumb to a knife, which could leave only minor surface scratches on the edges of the smartphone.

The blogger noted the effective protection of the smartphone from moisture, which he promised to tell more about when disassembling the smartphone, and he tried to scratch the back panel of the device with a screwdriver, a piece of copper, a coin, an office knife and keys. The back cover covered with tempered glass withstood without any problems, while acting on soft copper and the blade like an emery cloth. All the traces of Zak that remained after the back panel test simply wiped off with a finger, after which she became as good as new.

Also, the iPhone 11 Pro Max honorably withstood the screen heating with a lighter. After more than ten seconds, almost no trace remained on the display, except for a small spot. He had to be looked at against a dark background, but it also disappeared after a few seconds. The excellent screen quality of this smartphone has been noted before. In addition, the iPhone 11 Pro Max was one of the few devices that Zack could not bend.

Summing up, the blogger noted that the idea to make a smartphone from such durable materials fully paid off, and Apple is moving in the right direction. You can discuss this and other scary videos from JerryRigEverything channel in our telegram chat.


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