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The $ 700 wheels for the Mac Pro are attached to a skateboard (it's all very bad!)

14.05.2020 0 Comments

The $ 700 wheels for the Mac Pro are attached to a skateboard (it's all very bad!)


I probably didn’t laugh at the absurd wheels for moving the Mac Pro, which Apple has recently sold separately for $ 700 (and they don’t even have locks), just lazy. And it is clear that many, looking at an impressive price tag, involuntarily wonder about how else to use these wheels. The authors of the YouTube channel Braille Skateboarding decided to try to attach the wheels to the skateboard. What came of this can be found in the video below (spoiler: nothing sensible).


We succeeded in attaching the wheels to the board, only they are completely unsuitable even for a quiet ride on a skateboard, not to mention performing any tricks. On the standard mount, it was not possible to go far – after several attempts, the wheels began to fall off. As a result, enthusiasts replaced the standard fastening with one bolt with a more reliable one with racks and external nuts, but the wheels did not ride better from this. In fairness, a couple of simple tricks after many falls and setbacks skateboarders still managed to complete.

The Canadian video blogger and owner of the Unbox Therapy YouTube channel, Lewis Hillsenter, for fun, conducted his experiment: instead of a traditional skateboard, he took a metal panel of an exact replica of the Mac Pro case. Needless to say, this experiment proved to be not too successful? But the skateboard itself turned out to be very authentic.


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