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The charging speed of the new iPhone SE was tested using a 5 and 18 W charger

13.05.2020 0 Comments

The charging speed of the new iPhone SE was tested using a 5 and 18 W charger


The recently introduced iPhone SE (2020) smartphone supports 18 W fast charging, but Apple decided to add only a 5 W charger to the package. A more powerful version can be purchased separately.

Phonearena resource reporters decided to check how different the charging process for the iPhone SE (2020) battery will be when using different chargers. Despite the fact that the battery of this smartphone has a small capacity (1821 mAh), the charging process from the battery charger is at a speed of less than 1% per minute. In fact, in the first half hour of charging, the battery capacity is restored only by 28%, and it takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge the battery.


IPhone SE (2020) charging speed tested using 5 and 18 Watt memory

When using a more powerful charger at 18 W, the first 30 minutes allow you to replenish more than half of the battery capacity – 55%. True, then the charging speed decreases. In 1 hour and 15 minutes of charging, the battery replenishes 92% of the capacity, and the remaining 8% takes about 45 minutes. Below is a comparative table of the battery charging speed when using various memory devices.

Charging time 5 W 18 W 15 minutes 14% 30% 30 minutes 28% 55% 45 minutes 43% 73% 1 hour 57% 83% 1 hour and 15 minutes 70% 92% 1 hour and 30 minutes 81% 96% 2 hours 95% Full charge 2 hours and 30 minutes Full charge

Given the small battery capacity of the iPhone SE (2020), which may not provide a full day of battery life with active use, it will not be superfluous to additionally buy an 18 W charger. It will provide the ability to quickly charge throughout the day. However, the speed increase is not 3 times.

Source: Phonearena


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