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The European Parliament has voted for a single charge for mobile devices. And that Apple will finally switch to USB-C in the iPhone?

11.02.2020 0 Comments

The European Parliament has voted for a single charge for mobile devices. And that Apple will finally switch to USB-C in the iPhone?


On January 31, 2020, the European Parliament nevertheless approved the same resolution providing for the adoption of a unified standard for charging mobile devices to reduce electronic waste – 582 deputies voted for the decision, with 40 votes against and 37 abstentions. The document calls on the European Commission to adopt new rules by July, so that with the purchase of a new device, customers no longer have to purchase a new charger each time.

To begin with, it is worth recalling that since 2009, the European Commission has urged technology companies, including Apple, to use a single charging standard instead of proprietary. Now, members of the European Parliament believe that it didn’t work out in a good way, and it is necessary to resolve this issue at the legislative level.


The resolution emphasizes that wireless chargers are an effective way to reduce electronic waste, but it is noted that the rules to be developed by the European Commission should ensure the compatibility of chargers with phones of various brands.

So far, lawmakers have not named the exact standard, but with a high probability it will become USB Type-C due to the lack of other worthy applicants, which will lead to an even wider distribution of the connector.

To date, most of the leading smartphone manufacturers have switched to using a USB-C connector for charging instead of the outdated Micro-USB, and some are already putting USB-C into the budget models of devices. In fact, Apple, the only major manufacturer to continue to resist the introduction of USB-C in the iPhone instead of the proprietary Lightning.

Soon after it became known about this initiative, Apple opposed it. Cupertino said the initiative will “stifle innovation” and inadvertently create even more electronic waste, as existing Lightning chargers and cables will have to be replaced with USB-C.

A definite answer, does this mean that now Apple will be forced to switch to the USB-C connector in iPhone smartphones instead of the proprietary Lightning, which came with the iPhone 5 to replace the 30-pin connector, yet. This will become clear only after the European Commission approves the regulations for a single charger by appropriate decision.

In fairness, the resolution deals specifically with the power supply unit of the charger, and not with the cable. The proposal is to completely ban or somehow limit the supply of charging units in the supply packages of smartphones. The point is that customers use old power supplies. That is, it will definitely affect Apple, but whether the company will refuse the precious Lightning is a question for which there is no answer yet. Apple may well get out of the situation by retaining Lightning.

Ideally, a common charging standard should be part of the law – Google already requires basic USB Power Delivery support from manufacturers of smartphones with USB-C. But there is no single standard for fast charging, and manufacturers are developing their own proprietary technologies to achieve a power of 40-60 watts. The power adapter must also be of adequate power. With fast wireless charges, the situation is similar.

The resolution notes that in 2016 the average global indicator of e-waste was 6 kg per person per year, while the average for EU citizens was 16.6 kg. That is, all this waste must be collected and recycled.

Source: European Parliament

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