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The first photos from the iPhone 11 in night mode appeared on the network

16.09.2019 0 Comments

The first photos from the iPhone 11 in night mode appeared on the network


The results are impressive.

Improved camera performance in low light in the iPhone 11 line was one of the most anticipated features from the survey. The Apple team proudly talked about it on Tuesday. The examples of photographs that were presented at the presentation caused a wave of applause.

Apple Presentation September 2019 Night Mode


After the event, everyone had one question: will the new camera really be so good? Everyone was eager to check it out. And yesterday, the first picture appeared on Twitter demonstrating the real possibilities of night mode. He was laid out by the famous model and businesswoman Coco Rocha. The girl noted that no one paid her for this tweet, and also asked not to ask her about where she got a new iPhone, the sale of which has not yet begun. Coco compares shots taken in low light with the iPhone X and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Coco Rocha demonstrates night mode in iPhone 11

Why do we love Apple? For fidelity to his word, if they said that the night mode does incredible things, then it will be so. Demonstrating these features makes the iPhone 11 Pro Max a more desirable gadget, right?


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