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The iPhone 11 line is a success. Apple shares updated historic high

16.10.2019 Francis Patterson 0 Comments

The iPhone 11 line is a success. Apple shares updated historic high

New record.

Apple shares during today's trading surpassed the bar at $ 235. This is the record value of securities in the history of the company. The market capitalization of the corporation reached an impressive $ 1.06 trillion, which allows Apple to maintain the status of the most expensive company in the world.

iPhone 11

Experts directly relate the success of the corporation to the successful line of iPhone 11. Despite the fact that the company from Cupertino did not show anything truly innovative, the new smartphones managed to make a lasting impression on consumers. In addition, Apple was able to reduce the cost of the "budget model" – from 749 to 699 dollars. This decision will pay for itself in the long run more than once, analysts are sure.

Apple shares

Certain adjustments to the growth of market capitalization were made by new services. In just six months, the apple corporation presented three promising platforms at once – Apple News +, Apple TV +, and Apple Arcade. The company relies heavily on software products – it is possible that in the future iPhone sales will cease to be Apple's main source of income.

It is noteworthy that as early as December 2018 the situation was completely different – then the corporation was experiencing a record drop in the value of securities. The share price fell to a historic low of $ 142 apiece. However, Apple still adapted to market conditions and was able to regain its leading position.

Source: MarketRealist

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