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The jeweler showed how he made cases for AirPods from 750 gold

03.09.2019 0 Comments

The jeweler showed how he made cases for AirPods from 750 gold


Video on YouTube has already gained more than 300 thousand views.

Pablo Simadevila, a highly skilled jeweler and blogger posted a fascinating video on his channel yesterday. It demonstrates the manufacturing process for AirPods cases in solid gold 750. And it's not just gilding on plastic. The professional re-cast the shells and put all the contents in them, sending the plastic cases to waste. After metamorphoses, its updated and unique headphones have not lost any of their functions.

Gold cases for AirPods


Pablo called his Gold AirPods “AirGolds.” He is not going to sell this idea, nor the products themselves. The creation of such beauty was inspired by Apple itself, which encourages "to think differently." See for yourself this wonderful mounted video that immerses you in the world of jewelry and makes you take a fresh look at familiar things.

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