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The latest Windows 10 update is dangerous. Can delete all files without your knowledge

18.02.2020 0 Comments

The latest Windows 10 update is dangerous. Can delete all files without your knowledge


Thousands of complaints.

A small scheduled update of Windows 10 brought more problems than improvements. By installing the update, users risk data on their devices, since the system, as it turned out, can delete all files on the computer without the knowledge of the owner.


Released on February 11, the new assembly of Windows 10 under the number KB4532693 was supposed to be a minor update, which included the usual batch of security improvements and bug fixes. But shortly after going online, complaints about the updated operating system began to appear one after another. Users complained that after installing the update, the system returned to its original form “by default”. They have disappeared all the icons from the desktop and the Start menu settings.

But, as it turned out, this is not the only problem of the February update. So, in some cases, during the installation of the update, the system set a temporary profile. Some users were able to restore their original profiles and files using the rather complicated process of editing the registry and manipulating files. However, other users were less fortunate. They never managed to restore the system and all of their data was permanently deleted.

Microsoft withdrew the update and encouraged users to uninstall the update on their Update and Security menu.

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