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The legendary "Gothic" will return to PC, PS5 and Xbox One X

23.02.2020 0 Comments

The legendary "Gothic" will return to PC, PS5 and Xbox One X


Great news!

THQ Nordic has announced plans to release a rethought remake of the legendary Gothic computer game on PC and next-generation consoles. To develop the game, the company will open a new studio, the developers of which will deal exclusively with "Gothic".


The legendary "Gothic" will return to PC, PS5 and Xbox One X

THQ Nordic decided to create a remake of "Gothic" after the launch of the playable teaser of the game in December 2019. It was played by more than 180 thousand people. 95% of the players surveyed admitted that they want to see a full remake of the game in the future. Based on player feedback, THQ Nordic decided to create the full updated version of Gothic.

It is known that the new "Gothic" will be released on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox One X. According to the creators of the game, it will be of high quality and updated game mechanics. Nothing is known about the release date of the game.

In the game teaser of the updated "Gothic" you can play for free on Steam. At the time of writing, he has mixed recent reviews.

Source: Steamcommunity.

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