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The main thing about the coronavirus COVID-19 on February 15. The Chinese mistakenly counted some dead twice

20.02.2020 0 Comments

The main thing about the coronavirus COVID-19 on February 15. The Chinese mistakenly counted some dead twice


A summary of the most important coronavirus news.

Statistics for a day: 143 people died from coronavirus. The total number of deaths barely increased – all because of the mistake of Chinese doctors who previously counted some of the dead twice; Russia has created a test system for the detection of coronavirus; Russian authorities are discussing a ban on events with direct contact between people and animals; and in the center of infection, the city of Wuhan, people were forbidden to leave residential complexes.


All the main news about the coronavirus COVID-19 by the morning of February 15 was told in this article.

The main thing about the coronavirus COVID-19 on February 15. The Chinese admitted counting some of the dead twice

Main figures

According to the National Health Commission of China, as of the morning of February 15, the number of infected with COVID-19 coronavirus is 66,894. The number of people cured of the infection is 8,292. Died as a result of a virus disease: 1536 people.

Coronavirus in Russia

The number of recorded cases of the disease in Russia: 2 (cured: 2). The test system developed by Russian scientists for the detection of coronavirus was registered. Soon it will be used in medical institutions. In Russia, events in which people have direct contact with animals may be banned. This opportunity is being discussed at the Rosselkhoznadzor. Black caviar may rise in price in Russia. According to representatives of the analytical agency Rybset, if restrictions are imposed on black caviar from China, this will lead to a sharp jump in prices.

Coronavirus in the world

During the day, 143 deaths from coronavirus were recorded. At the same time, the total number of deaths from the virus increased slightly. The fact is that the National Health Commission of China announced a perfect mistake in counting the dead – some were counted twice. Now, Chinese authorities have ruled out mistakenly calculated virus deaths from official statistics. The first case of coronavirus infection was detected in Africa. Sick found in Egypt. At the moment, it is known only that he is a foreigner. Some cities in China have begun to introduce strict quarantine measures. People are not allowed to leave their housing estates to prevent the risk of coronavirus spreading. It is known that such measures were introduced in Wuhan and partly in Beijing. More than 25 thousand doctors from all over China arrived in Hubei province to fight against coronavirus.

Recall that the specialists of the Center for System Research and Engineering have created an interactive map on which you can track the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19. It is available at this link.

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