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The main thing about the coronavirus COVID-19 on March 13. Pandemic End Date

16.03.2020 0 Comments

The main thing about the coronavirus COVID-19 on March 13. Pandemic End Date


All the most important thing about a dangerous virus.

During the day, 346 people died from coronavirus. In Russia, six new cases of infection have been identified; in Italy, a record number of deaths per day; pandemic ending date and world sport suffers from coronavirus.


All the main news about the coronavirus COVID-19 by the morning of March 13 was reported in this article.

The main thing about the coronavirus COVID-19 on March 13.

Main figures

According to official figures, as of the morning of March 13, the number of people infected with the coronavirus COVID-19 is 134,769. The number of people cured of the infection: 70,388. The number of people who died as a result of the disease: 4,983.

Coronavirus in Russia

Over the past day, six new cases of coronavirus infection in Russia have been identified. Four infected are in Moscow, one each in Kaliningrad and the Krasnodar Territory. Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said that the threat of the spread of coronavirus in the country is minimized. According to him, this was achieved thanks to the operational closure of borders with countries in which the virus was most actively spread. In addition, Mishustin noted the help of the coronavirus operations headquarters and other measures to prevent the disease.

Coronavirus in the world

During the day, 346 people died from coronavirus. In Italy, nearly 200 deaths per day are registered – this is a record. Chinese scientists said the coronavirus pandemic will end by June, provided that countries take the necessary steps to eliminate the epidemic. In China, the peak of the coronavirus epidemic was announced. Over the past day in the country only 8 new cases of infection were detected, while all of them were registered in Wuhan. In other cities in Hubei Province, no new infections were detected within a week. French President Emmanuel Macron ordered the closure of all educational institutions in connection with the outbreak of coronavirus in the country. World sport suffers from coronavirus. UEFA is thinking about suspending the Champions League, Europa League and Euro 2020, which can be postponed to 2021. A number of competitions have been canceled or suspended, including the NBA and the NHL. Many clubs, including Juventus, Real Madrid and Arsenal football, have been quarantined due to the detection of coronavirus in athletes or employees. The son of Tom Hanks and singer Rita Wilson commented on the condition of his parents who were infected with a coronavirus. According to him, their condition is good, they are not worried and calmly undergo all the necessary medical procedures.

According to polls among Russians, every fourth resident of the country considers coronavirus a dangerous threat. You can protect yourself from possible infection by following the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and Rospotrebnadzor.

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