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The main thing about the coronavirus COVID-19 on March 6. There are tens of times more infections in the world than in China

07.03.2020 0 Comments

The main thing about the coronavirus COVID-19 on March 6. In the world there are dozens of times more infections than in China "title =" The main thing about the coronavirus COVID-19 on March 6th. There are ten times more infections in the world than in China "data-srcset =" mire-v-desyatki-raz-bolshe-zarazheniy-chem-v-Kitae.jpg 980w, .-V-mire-v-desyatki-raz-bolshe-zarazheniy-chem-v-Kitae-520x292.jpg 520w "data-sizes =" (max-width: 980px) 100vw, 980px ">  

<p>All the most important thing about a dangerous virus.</p> 

<p>84 people died from coronavirus per day. In Russia, another case of infection has been recorded; coronavirus is no longer a problem in China – there are dozens of times more new infections in the world; in Moscow introduced a high alert due to coronavirus; and doctors said whether it’s possible to get the virus from cats and dogs.</p>
<p>All the main news about the coronavirus COVID-19 by the morning of March 6 was reported in this article.</p> 

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Main figures

According to the National Health Commission of China, as of the morning of March 6, the number of people infected with the coronavirus COVID-19 is 98 385. The number of people cured of the infection: 55 422. The number of people who died as a result of the virus: 3 383.

Coronavirus in Russia

In Russia, another case of coronavirus infection has been recorded. The new infected was an Italian student at Ricardo Mechnikov University in St. Petersburg. In Moscow, a high-alert mode was introduced due to the coronavirus. According to the requirements of the capital’s authorities, citizens who visited coronavirus distribution sites must inform the hotline of their return, be isolated at home and seek medical help at home, without visiting medical facilities. Russian David Berov, who became the first citizen of the country infected with a coronavirus, admitted that he only confirmed the virus in the third analysis. Another cruise ship is quarantined due to a possible outbreak of coronavirus. The Grand Princess is at the port of San Francisco with four Russian citizens on board. 700 students of Northwestern State Medical University (NWSMU) were quarantined due to possible contact with a coronavirus infected student from Italy. In Ukraine, it was announced that the spread of coronavirus was due to the leak of the virus from the secret Chinese laboratory F4. This was stated by the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Alexey Danilov.

Coronavirus in the world

84 people died from coronavirus per day. Coronavirus has ceased to be a problem in China. For the day in the world 2241 new cases of infection were recorded, while in China – only 143 infected. During the day, 31 people died of coronavirus in China, 53 in the rest of the world. The number of coronavirus victims in Italy reached 148. A person cannot be infected with coronavirus from cats, dogs and other domestic animals, the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor reported. Animals suffer from other types of this virus that are not dangerous to humans.

According to polls among Russians, every fourth resident of the country considers coronavirus a dangerous threat. You can protect yourself from possible infection by following the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and Rospotrebnadzor.

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