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The ruble has strengthened: wild discounts on Windows 10 and Office up to 80%

17.04.2020 0 Comments

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<p>Need to take!</p> 

<p>Just a couple of weeks ago, buying Windows 10 license keys and other software, including the same Microsoft Office, was extremely disadvantageous. The ruble collapsed sharply, as a result of which software prices became frankly unpleasant. This, however, did not stop buyers, since Windows, Office and other software were massively needed by Russians who switched to remote work.</p>
<p>However, this week, fortunately, the situation has changed. And the ruble appreciably strengthened, and really large spring discounts for licensed Windows 10, Microsoft Office, and other most popular software appeared. One of such large-scale sales of software was arranged by the online store CdkeySales.</p> 

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CdkeySales immediately responded to the appreciation of the ruble and the growing demand for Windows 10 and Microsoft Office among Russians. The online store made large discounts of up to 80% on licensed OEM keys for the Windows 10 operating system (both Pro and Home), office suites Office 365, Office 2016 and Office 2019, and other popular software.

First of all, the license keys for Windows 10 Pro and Home should be highlighted. Full-fledged licensed Windows for one computer will cost the buyer at a price of 700-800 rubles. For comparison, buying a license on the official Microsoft website is ten times more expensive – up to 23,400 rubles!

It is noteworthy that CdkeySales has reduced prices, including in comparison with other online stores. Between them now there is fierce competition, as many rushed to buy licenses for full-fledged work on the "remote", so prices are reduced to minimum values.

Windows 10

🔥 Windows 10 Pro OEM – 850 rubles (according to the bloha promo code) 🔥 Windows 10 Home OEM – 749 rubles (according to the bloha promo code) 🔥 Windows 10 Home Scan – 1 206 rubles (according to the bloha promo code) 🔥 Windows 10 Pro (for two PCs) – 1 600 rubles (according to the bloha promotional code)

The Office 365 Office Suite, which is distributed by Microsoft by subscription, is also available at a substantial discount. The greatest benefit is obtained by purchasing an annual subscription designed for five computers. These are usually taken for offices, as saving compared to a regular subscription for a single computer is really strong.

If you have not previously been familiar with Office 365, then we note that this is a relatively new development of Microsoft. As part of this office subscription package, users are provided with advanced versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint and others for all available platforms, including iOS and Android devices. The main bonus of Office 365 is the ability to easily collaborate on projects.


🔥 Microsoft Office 365 (for one device per year) – 1 107 rubles (according to the bloha promotional code) Office Microsoft Office 365 (for five devices per year) 1 667 rubles (according to the bloha promotional code) 🔥 Office 2019 Home And Student – 1 974 rubles ( by bloha promo code) 🔥 Office 2016 Professional Plus – 1 820 rubles (by bloha promo code) 🔥 Office 2019 Professional Plus – 3 093 rubles (by bloha promo code)

At CdkeySales, they separately took care of people who temporarily switched to remote work. For them, the online store presents full bundles designed for new computers and laptops (which the Russians bought a record number in March). The bundle offers the Windows 10 Home or Pro operating system along with the Office 2016 or Office 2019 office suite. Note that this is a traditional permanent office software package that does not require a monthly subscription or monthly subscription.

Windows 10 + Office

🔥 Windows 10 Home + Office 2016 Pro – 1 889 rubles (according to the bloha promo code) 🔥 Windows 10 Pro + Office 2016 Pro – 1 890 rubles (according to the bloha promo code) 🔥 Windows 10 Home + Office 2019 Pro – 4 199 rubles (according to the bloha promo code) )

We contacted CdkeySales store representatives in Russia and agreed to provide special discounts to readers of our site. If you enter the bloha promotional code when placing an order, you will receive an additional 20% discount on all purchases.

We recommend that you regularly monitor the replenishment of the assortment in the CdkeySales online store – generous sales very often take place there and kits appear, the purchase of which is available with special benefit. In addition to software, the store also sells games, including AAA projects, Steam gift cards, PlayStation Store, iTunes and Google Play, and other digital products.

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