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The Russians were in the sight of telephone spammers

08.12.2019 0 Comments

The Russians were in the sight of telephone spammers


Be carefull.

In 2019, Russians began to receive almost twice as many spam and fraudulent calls compared to last year. According to a study by the developer of the Caller ID application, Truecaller, Russia is among the top ten countries with the most spam calls.


Russians caught sight of telephone spammers

Russia for the first time entered the 20 countries with the highest activity of telephone spammers in 2018, taking 17th place. In 2019, due to the increased activity of spammers, Russia began to occupy the 9th place in the rating.

Experts estimate that for every resident of Russia in 2019 there were an average of 17.5 calls from spammers. This is almost twice as much as 8.9 calls in 2018. It also became known that most often spam calls to Russians were made by financial organizations offering services, scammers and mobile operators.

Russians caught sight of telephone spammers

In total, Truecaller identified 26 billion calls from spammers in 2019. For comparison, in 2018, this figure was 21 billion.

Earlier we talked about the most effective ways to find out who called from an unknown number.

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