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The smartphone market has fallen by 20%, Huawei has suffered the most, and Xiaomi has even increased sales (the only one among the leaders)

03.06.2020 0 Comments

The smartphone market has fallen by 20%, Huawei has suffered the most, and Xiaomi has even increased sales (the only one among the leaders)


Earlier, TrendForce analysts, among others, warned that COVID-19 would hit the smartphone industry most of all – we already wrote about a record market drop in February, as well as a revival of the largest Chinese market in March. Now he can assess the situation on a global scale in the first quarter of 2020. The corresponding report was prepared by specialists of the analytical company Gartner. We have chosen the main thing from the analysis.

In the first quarter of 2020, 299.1 million smartphones were sold in the world, which corresponds to a record decline of 20.2% in annual terms. Detailed data on global shipments of smartphones in the first quarter of 2020 are available in the table.


Brand I quarter 2020, million units I quarter 2020, market share (%) Q1 2019, mln. 2019, market share (%) Increase / Drop in supplies (%) Samsung55,33318,571,62119,1-22,7 Huawei 42,49914,258,43615,6-27,3Apple40,92013,744,56911,9-8, 2Xiaomi27.8179.327.4247.31.31Oppo23.9498.029.5897.9-19.1Other108.62136.3143.27938.2-24.2Total299.138100374.917100-20.2Samsung still remains the market leader, exhausted With US sanctions, Huawei holds third place, while Apple, with the smallest gap in supply, is in third place. Xiaomi managed to get around Oppo, taking fourth place in the list of the largest smartphone manufacturers. Last year, Huawei sank most of all, delivering 27.3% to 42.499 million units. Samsung's market leader, sales fell 22.7% (to 55.333 million units), as a result of which its share fell from 19.1% to 18.5%. Xiaomi is the only manufacturer in the top five that managed to increase sales compared to the same last quarter, albeit only 1.4% – up to 27.817 million units. At the same time, Apple was the least affected of the top five from the first five (not counting Xiaomi). This is impressive, given that Apple, unlike Xiaomi, sells smartphones far from the minimum margin. Actually, just last week we learned that in the past quarter, the iPhone 11 became the best-selling smartphone in the world.

iPhone 11 – the best-selling smartphone in the world in the first quarter. He was able to improve the result of the iPhone Xr by almost 1.5 times

All other smartphone manufacturers sold 108.621 million smartphones in the first quarter, which is 24.2% less than in the same period a year earlier.

Source: Gartner


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