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The strength of the iPhone 11 Pro Max and Galaxy Note 10+ were compared in the drop test

23.09.2019 0 Comments

The strength of the iPhone 11 Pro Max and Galaxy Note 10+ were compared in the drop test


The "toughest glass" of the iPhone 11 was checked again.

After the start of sales of the new iPhone, many enthusiasts decided to test their strength. Apple claims that the devices are equipped with the most durable glass of the new generation. However, in practice, test results vary widely. According to 9to5Mac with a YouTube channel PhoneBuff – the glass reliability of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is approximately on par with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus.


Drop test iPhone and Samsung

The results of testing smartphones in the drop test with a height of 1 meter:

fall on the back panel: iPhone – the rear window is completely cracked, Samsung – a similar result; angle drop: iPhone – there is practically no trace of a blow on the frame, Samsung – noticeable scratches; crash on the screen: iPhone – cracks around the screen, Samsung – small cracks in the corner of the display.

According to the test results, it is obvious that the metal frame of the iPhone 11 Pro Max (steel) is noticeably stronger than that of the Galaxy Note 10 Plus (aluminum). By the fragility of the display, Apple loses – it is completely covered with cracks, and Samsung remained almost unscathed. However, this may be a mere coincidence. Recall a recent crash test when the iPhone 11 withstood multiple drops from a height of 3 meters.

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