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The troubled MacBook keyboard will go down in history. Apple is preparing a replacement

13.10.2019 0 Comments

The troubled MacBook keyboard will go down in history. Apple is preparing a replacement


It is high time.

Numerous rumors have received yet another confirmation – Apple will completely abandon the problematic butterfly mechanism in the new MacBooks. The company will switch to the traditional “scissors” that were used in the company's laptops until 2015. The well-known analyst Min-Chi Kuo is sure of this.


MacBook Keyboard

The Butterfly Keyboard is perhaps Apple's most widely debated “failure” in the last few years. Users around the world have complained of sticky keys, double tapping, and other keyboard problems. The company's engineers released as many as four generations of the “butterfly”, hoping to “overcome” the design flaws of the mechanism. But the miracle never happened.

This could not continue any longer and Apple decided to abandon its achievements. And next year, the corporation will equip the new MacBook keyboard with a reliable switch “scissors”, which has passed the test of time and has proven itself exclusively on the positive side.

The analyst did not specify in which particular laptop the first mechanism to appear would be the first – MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. It is possible that the company will return to the roots with the release of the all-new MacBook Pro with a 16-inch screen. Moreover, several sources previously pointed to such a development of events.

Source: 9to5Mac

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