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The worst thing you can do with a smartphone on the plane

15.07.2019 0 Comments

The worst thing you can do with a smartphone on the plane


What people react most acutely in flight when it comes to smartphones.

If you have ever flown in an airplane, then you are probably faced with the inappropriate behavior of passengers associated with the use of a smartphone.

The worst thing you can do with a smartphone on the plane


A new survey conducted by AT & T among 1000 Americans of different age groups revealed the most annoying bad habits of smartphones:

83% of respondents are annoyed when passengers loudly listen to music, play games or watch movies without headphones; 64% enrages the screen brightness is too high when the light in the cabin is turned off; 63% strongly oppose the communication of passengers on the phone immediately after landing.

At the same time, 51% are sure that people who listen to music, play or watch movies without headphones, should be fined (the fine amount is from 20 to 500 dollars) or to confiscate the gadget. A 1% does prohibit such people from flying.

As for the high brightness of the screen, in this case, the Americans surveyed are not so bloodthirsty – 60% say that no punishment should follow this. 21% offer to confiscate a smartphone / tablet, 13% – to fine in the amount from 20 to 500 dollars, and 1% – to prohibit flights.

For conversations immediately after landing, 61% were against punishment, 17% suggested confiscating the gadget, 20% – fining in the amount of $ 20 to $ 500, and 2% – banning flights.

As for the issue of flight safety and switching off / putting the gadget into flight mode, then:

15% of respondents said they did not turn off their gadget and do not put it in flight mode, despite the requirements of the aircraft team. At the same time, 67% turn off smartphones when they hear the request of the commander or crew member. And only 27% – put in flight mode. Men are twice as likely to ignore these requirements than women. 83% of respondents turn off their smartphones because they believe that in working condition they can really have a negative impact on the operation of aircraft systems.

1 out of 5 millenials (generation Y, people born between 1981 and 1996) thinks that an enabled smartphone can lead to a plane crash. This is the largest figure among all age groups. 1 of 3 respondents stated that it assumes that the included smartphone may lead to cabin depressurization. 13%, at the same time, believe that gadgets are not capable of damaging aircraft equipment at all.

AT & T asked for a comment from the pilot, asking him if smartphones are really capable of influencing the flight. The pilot answered in the affirmative – gadgets can influence the communication between the aircraft and the controller on the ground. He also noted that several smartphones included in or not transferred to the flight mode will not play any role, but if there are hundreds of them, problems may well arise.

Source: Android Authority

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