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This is the cable that comes with the iPhone 12. Pleasingly surprising

23.07.2020 0 Comments

This is the cable that comes with the iPhone 12. Pleasingly surprising


With fabric braid.

Apple is completing the iPhone 12 lineup with a new fabric-braided USB-C to Lightning cable. Photos of the cable have been published by Apple accessories manufacturer ChargerLAB.


For the first time, Apple will include a cable with a stronger fabric braid for iPhone. The company currently supplies these hardened cables with current Mac Pro models and the HomePod smart speaker.

The new cable is 3.04 mm thick and 1.05 m long. ChargerLAB noted that the cable has already passed certification and is ready for mass production, which should begin in August or September.

The new iPhone charging cable is more durable than conventional rubber-coated cables with a textile braid. In addition, the new cable has rhodium-plated contacts that are more resistant to corrosion.

The new USB-C / Lightning cable will be the only accessory that comes with smartphones from the iPhone 12 line. Earlier it was announced that Apple intends to remove the charging adapter and wired headphones from the package of its new smartphones.

Source: MR.

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