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This is what the iPhone 12 should look like. Get used to it.

19.04.2020 0 Comments

This is how the iPhone 12 should look. Get used to "title =" This is how the iPhone 12 should look. Get used to "data-srcset =" 12.-Privykaem-2.png 980w, 520w "data-sizes = "(max-width: 980px) 100vw, 980px">  

<p>Too much evidence points to this.</p> 

<p>A big leak from Bloomberg sources has finally confirmed: iPhone 12 will receive a new design and a reduced upper frame. The appearance of the following flagship smartphones Apple has actually become famous, which allows you now to look at their most likely design. And now begin to get used to it.</p>
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As we wrote earlier, Bloomberg confirmed that Apple for the first time in many years will greatly update the design of the iPhone. The rounded edges used with the iPhone 6 will replace the rectangular edges, like the latest generation iPad Pro. Some insiders call the execution of faces in the style of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, which in principle is also true.

In addition, Bloomberg found out that Apple will not abandon the wide top frame in the iPhone 12. The “fringe” will remain in smartphones, but will be shortened by about half. Thus, the design of the front surface will also be updated, even if it does not completely differ from previous models, since this same “monobrow” will still remain.

Most interestingly, the publication of Bloomberg, one of the most respected publications regarding leaks about the new iPhone, confirmed the words of the insider @choco_bit. Previously, he was the first to publish a schematic image of the iPhone 12 with a reduced upper display bezel. The image was discovered by him in iOS 14 firmware files, which hit the Internet and caused numerous leaks.

Add to this the long-standing forecast of the eminent analyst Min-Chi Kuo, who at the end of last year announced the redesign of the iPhone 12 in the style of iPhone 4. As a result, we obtain that, despite the absence of CAD drawings or leaks from production, we actually know what the next iPhone will look like.

And it’s already necessary to get used to this kind.

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