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This will happen! iPhone SE 2 will be released in early 2020

06.10.2019 0 Comments

This will happen! iPhone SE 2 will be released in early 2020


And it's almost official!

Apple will release a new compact iPhone SE 2 smartphone in early 2020. The smartphone will be available by Apple standards and will receive the flagship A13 Bionic processor, 3 GB of memory and design in the style of iPhone 8. This was announced today by the most authoritative analyst from the world of Apple, Min-Chi Kuo.


This will happen! iPhone SE 2 will be released in early 2020

New iPhone SE 2

According to Kuo, almost all the characteristics of the iPhone SE 2 will be identical to the 4.7-inch iPhone 8. The specialist did not name the price of the upcoming new product. Earlier, the 4-inch iPhone SE fell in price to $ 349 before Apple finally discontinued it. According to the analyst, Apple will be able to sell 30-40 million iPhone SE 2 during 2020. This means that the model will be extremely popular.

Kuo's new forecast is in line with Nikkei's previous report. Its sources said that in the spring of 2020 a cheaper iPhone with the design of iPhone 8 will be released. The smartphone will have a 4.7-inch LCD screen and a Home button with a Touch ID scanner, insiders emphasized.

Min-Chi Kuo is the most eminent analyst from the world of Apple. He is known for hundreds of true predictions regarding the iPhone and other equipment of the American company. All his forecasts are the most reliable. Every year, Kuo talks about the various details of the new Apple devices a few months before their presentation.

Thus, the release of iPhone SE 2 is almost officially confirmed. Wait!

Earlier we talked about what the iPhone 12 will be like. Apple is preparing an innovative device!

Source: 9to5Mac.

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