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Those who voted for amendments to the Constitution "leaked" into the darknet

13.08.2020 0 Comments

Those who voted for amendments to the Constitution "leaked" into the darknet


The database is being sold for a lot of money.

A database was put up for sale on the darknet, which contains data on participants in electronic voting on amendments to the Constitution. The database with about 1.1 million numbers and series of Russians' passports is sold at a price of $ 1 per line for a wholesale purchase and $ 1.5 for a single line purchase.


The seller of the base said that it was "completely fresh." He also stressed that passport data by themselves are useless. They may be of interest to buyers, provided other data are available.

According to the seller, he managed to sell about 30 thousand rows from the database. He noted that there is no uniqueness in the "merged" database, but the demand is high, since the data in it is relevant.

Meduza journalists conducted a test purchase. The purchased files did indeed contain the coded passport data of the voting participants.

Source: Kommersant

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