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Tim Cook considers augmented reality "the next big thing"

13.02.2020 0 Comments

Tim Cook considers augmented reality "the next big thing"


Apple CEO Tim Cook has chosen his side in the "war of realities." He called augmented reality the next most important technology (“the next big thing”), thereby indirectly confirming rumors about AR-developing an alternative to smartphones.

Recall that in contrast to virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) does not replace reality, but creates an additional digital layer in the interior, projecting the necessary data or virtual objects there.


Cook is confident that the potential of AR is much greater than the game in the search for Pokemon, and over the next 5-10 years, this technology "will penetrate all spheres of our lives."

“Here you are changing the oil under the machine, and you are not completely sure how to do it. AR will come to your aid [и спроецирует необходимые действия непосредственно на днище автомобиля]“,” Says Cook.

At the same time, the Apple chief called the main advantage of augmented reality that it "does not isolate people" and it can be used to expand the discussion. “Alternative technologies” do not possess such a property and are trying to replace natural human communication – and therefore cause Cook's concern.

Despite the fact that the top manager of the "apple" company did not specify what technologies he was wary of, Business Insider considers this statement a clearly readable attack on Facebook, which in the "war of realities" relied on VR, paying for Oculus VR headset maker in 2014 an impressive $ 2 billion

Curiously, unlike his Apple counterpart, Mark Zuckerberg believes that “the next big thing” is virtual reality. At the same time, in October, in an interview, the head of Facebook admitted that VR has not yet taken off – but it will happen, just in the slightly more distant future than he had originally expected.

It remains to recall how, in an old interview with The Independent in 2017, Tim Cook called augmented reality the same “big idea as smartphones”.

“Smartphones are aimed at all people, we do not position the iPhone as a device for a specific audience or residents of some countries. iPhone is for everyone. I think augmented reality, as an idea, is just as great, it is huge. ”

Tim Cook, Apple CEO


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