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Tim Cook on 5G on iPhone: “We're delighted with upcoming products”

12.02.2020 0 Comments

Tim Cook on 5G on iPhone: “We're delighted with upcoming products”


Apple is significantly behind competitors in the field of 5G, although fans of the company in the US believe otherwise. And one of the questions addressed to Apple CEO Tim Cook during a conference call last night about the results of the past quarter was about 5G and the potential impact of technology on sales of iPhone smartphones.

Answering a question, Tim Cook, of course, said that he would not comment on plans for unannounced future products related to 5G. At the same time, he said that 5G technology is "at an early start on its global deployment path."


He then added that Apple was “proud as never before” with the success of the current iPhone line, and was encouraged by the upcoming update of the product line. “There is not the slightest desire to change places with anyone,” he said, making it clear that the current situation is completely satisfactory to the company.

To another question regarding the level of demand for 5G smartphones, the popularity of more affordable iPhones, and how this could affect Apple’s future plans for the iPhone, Cook refused to answer. He said that “we need to look at the pace of 5G network deployment around the world,” and he won’t comment on the prices of unannounced smartphones.

Leaks indicate that the 2020 iPhone lineup will consist of four to five models. In March, the release is expected regarding the affordable potential best-seller of iPhone 9, which is the ideological successor to the iPhone SE, and in the fall, the current iPhone 11 will join it. , confirmed that all new iPhones with full 5G support (ranges below 6 GHz (Sub-6 GHz) and millimeter wave standard (mmWave)) will be launched in the second half of 2020. Qualcomm is expected to be the supplier of the modem for future 5G iPhones, with which Apple settled all differences last year.

It remains to add that in 2019 Samsung sold 6.7 million smartphones with 5G support, which amounted to 53.9% of the total sales of the respective models.

Source: Macrumors

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