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TOP 10 people on VKontakte. Medvedev and Ivangay in the same company

11.10.2019 0 Comments

TOP 10 people on VKontakte. Medvedev and Ivangay in the same company


The politician got into the selection.

Different people prefer to use different social networks, there’s simply not enough time for everything. Someone likes the idea of ​​Instagram and they like to look at the world through the eyes of other people. Someone loves VKontakte for the wide range of opportunities that the platform provides and so on. If people on social networks are different from each other, then popular personalities are also different there. Or not?

TOP 10 people on VKontakte. Medvedev and Ivangay in the same company


TOP-10 Russian-speaking accounts on Instagram, we showed you, TOP-10 channels on Youtube, too. Now it's time to look at who has the most subscribers in the domestic VKontakte. I must say that in general there users are less willing to subscribe to celebrities than on other sites. Perhaps this is due to the fact that now Youtube and Instagram are more interesting to people than VKontakte or Facebook.

10th place – Olga Seryabkina

Number of followers: 744,754

Olga Seryabkina

Olga gained her fame as a member of the Silver group. Two years ago, she released her first collection of poems, Thousand “M”. ” Olga is now 34 years old and, according to the magazine “Maxim”, she is one of the sexiest women in Russia for the past three years. In 2016, it occupied the ninth line, in 2017 – the fifth, and in 2018 – the third.

9th place – Yan Gordienko

Number of subscribers: 890 011

Yan Gordienko

This 20-year-old guy is another youth idol on Youtube. There he has 4.6 million subscribers. The videos that he creates are entertaining in nature. Ian shoots parodies of clips of famous songs, as well as videos like "Who can hold more dishes."

8th place – Yegor Creed

Number of subscribers: 1,086,739

Egor Creed

This artist does not need to be introduced, he has almost 11 million subscribers on Instagram. Egor was born in Penza and by the age of 25 made a stunningly successful career as an author and performer of his songs. For a long time he worked with Black Star Inc. This year, Creed completed a partnership with them. On his VK page, Yegor advertises videos and new songs that appear on other sites, usually on Youtube.

7th place – Max Tarasenko

Number of subscribers: 1 308 775

Max Tarasenko

Max is 20 years old, and he has already become the star of the Russian Youtube, he has one of the most popular channels on this site with almost 12 million subscribers. Max uses his page in VK as an additional platform, announcing the release of new videos on it. Now the video blogger lives in St. Petersburg, and was born in the small town of Kinel in the Samara region.

6th place – Nyusha Shurochkina

Number of subscribers: 1,338,795


A Russian singer who found it difficult to make any other choice in her life, because Anna was born in a family of musicians. Dad was a member of the legendary band "Tender May", and my mother sang in a rock band. Since 2018, Nyusha has been raising a daughter, whose name is kept secret. Nyusha’s VK page looks more lively than all previous media personalities, she uploads photos from her life almost every day, so fans can really use this social network to follow their favorite singer.

5th place – Olga Buzova

Number of followers: 1,345,063

Olga Buzova

The owner of the most popular Russian-language Instagram account Olga Buzova in VKontakte was able to take only the fifth line. Olga brought fame to the television project Dom-2, where she grew from an ordinary participant to a host. After this, the phenomenal success of the girl was unstoppable. Recently, she has been showing herself as a singer and regularly tours the country with concerts.

4th place – Pavel Volya

Number of subscribers: 1,632,343

Pavel Volya

The popularity of Pavel Volya today is also on top, having become famous as a resident of the Comedy Club in the zero years, he managed to maintain his fame and earn it to this day. By the way, in the TOP instagram accounts he has 5 line. At Pavel everything is stable at different sites. Now he is married to the famous gymnast Lyaysan Utyasheva, and they are raising two children.

3rd place – Dmitry Medvedev

Number of followers: 2,284,682

Dmitry Medvedev

I was very surprised when I realized that the Prime Minister of Russia has an official and such a popular page in VK. Of course, I have suspicions that the subscribers were cheated, because VK is not Twitter, and hardly so many people want to follow the politician there. Moreover, it is unlikely that Medvedev leads it himself. Of course, I could be wrong. On a page regularly posts about working moments in the life of a politician.

2nd place – Ivan Rudskoy

Number of subscribers: 2 406 690

Ivan Rudskoy

This young man is better known as Ivangay, for a long time his Youtube channel was the most popular of the Russian speakers. Now the guy does not lead him, as well as the page in VK. On Twitter and Instagram, Vanya’s activity is also very rare. Apparently, some other interests appeared in his life. Fans bombard his old posts with comments. They literally pray to the blogger that he recorded some video for them, but Vanya remains deaf and takes care of his life.

1st place – Pavel Durov

Number of subscribers: 5,878,351

Pavel Durov

Perhaps it’s fair that the creator of the site has the most popular account on it. Pavel Durov is famous not only in Russia and far from only the creation of the social network "VKontakte". A few years ago, he created the worldwide popular Telegram messenger, which unsuccessfully tries to block Roskomnadzor. Now Pavel is engaged in the TON cryptocurrency project. He should make it possible to make payments directly to Telegram through the blockchain. To implement this ambitious idea, two closed ICOs raised $ 1.7 billion from large investors. So, Pavel is doing well, and it is a pity that he does not have the opportunity to live in Russia, work here, create jobs and pay taxes.

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