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Top 5 films that viewers rated the highest score

25.07.2020 0 Comments

Top 5 films that viewers rated the highest score


Perfect movies for the evening.

Film critics are not always completely in solidarity with ordinary viewers. It also happens when viewers call a film a masterpiece and do not get tired of praising it, but critics lack something and they publish rather restrained reviews. At least initially, until they realized their mistake. Top 5 of these films have been collected in this collection.


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

An ingenious film starring the Oscar-winning Frances McDormand. According to the plot, the heroine of the film, Mildred Hayes, decides to take an unusual step to point out the inaction of the police in the search for the killer of her only daughter. She rents three billboards at the entrance to the city, on which she leaves a message to the head of police, William Willoughby.


The story of a young drummer Andrew, whose dream is to become great. And, as it seems, it is destined to come true. He gets into the orchestra of a real genius – Terence Fletcher, with whom every musician dreams of working. However, it turns out that the mentor turns out to be truly ruthless when it comes to music.


The great film by Christopher Nolan, which received an impressive portion of criticism from experts, who hastily changed their anger to mercy, after realizing the magnitude of the masterpiece shot by the brilliant director.

The film follows two rival illusionists, Robert and Alfred. To beat each other's successes, they begin to naturally quarrel. This leads to the fact that the lives of the people around them are at risk.

Fight club

Perhaps the biggest failure of critics is connected with "Fight Club". After the release of the cult film, David Fincher was literally trampled. Fortunately, the love of the audience forced critics to radically reconsider their opinion. This amazing film tells the story of an insurance company employee killed by a routine and suffering from insomnia. One day, he meets the charismatic soap merchant Tyler Durden, who invites him to a mysterious fight club that can change his life for the better.


The film tells the story of Nick Dunn, a once loving and empathetic spouse. He has to look for his wife, who disappeared right on the day of the celebration of the fifth anniversary of his married life. Together with the police, he discovers blood and signs of fighting in the house. However, only Nick realizes that all this is an installation set up by his wife within the framework of her favorite game “treasure hunt”.

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