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Top for your money. First impressions of journalists and bloggers from the new iPhone SE

24.04.2020 0 Comments

Top for your money. First impressions of journalists and bloggers from the new iPhone SE


On April 22, the first reviews of the new iPhone SE appeared – the new "popular" Apple smartphone, which has every chance to repeat, and possibly even surpass the success of the cult original iPhone SE 2016 model.

In general, the reviews came out predictable and even “boring” (iPhone SE is so good): all the famous Western techno-bloggers and observers of the largest thematic publications unanimously praise the new product and agree that the new iPhone SE is an absolute leader in terms of price and features . Naturally, in its price category.


If we describe the new iPhone SE as briefly as possible, we can say the following: the design and screen are like those of the iPhone 8, the platform is the top-end SoC A13 Bionic, like the older brothers of the iPhone 11 line, and the main camera is like the iPhone Xr of 2018. And the starting price is $ 399, like the original iPhone SE. The formula for the (probable) success of the new iPhone SE looks something like this. All the technical characteristics of the new iPhone SE we gave in our detailed announcement of the new items and comparison with the iPhone Xr and iPhone 11.

Returning to the topic of this note, below is a list of all available reviews of authoritative thematic resources and videos with unpacking and first impressions – they are all in English.


The Verge TechCrunch Wired Engadget CNBC Forbes CNET Pocket-lint The Wall Street Journal MobileSyrup TechRadar

Unpacking and first glances:

As we already noted, the new iPhone SE can only be called the ideological successor of the original model, in fact it is a replacement for the iPhone 8 – at the same time as the announcement of the iPhone SE, Apple stopped selling the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. After the announcement of the iPhone SE, the lion's share of criticism fell on the design and camera. In fairness, many found the old-fashioned iPhone 8 style design with wide by today's standards frames successful. And against the background of the current monotony of design in smartphones in 2020, there is something to it. But perhaps the true reason is different. The popular tech-blogger Marquez Brownlee noticed the obvious that this is precisely the reason for such a low price – the production of parts debugged over the years has reduced costs to the required level. And if Apple had made at least some changes, it would have attracted additional costs, and the price would have been completely different.

“I think Apple may be the only company in the world that can do this trick – to release an inexpensive phone that is simply good in all key aspects.

The speaker is decent, but not impressive. The camera is excellent, it is very good, but without zoom. The display is excellent, but not OLED and without support for high refresh rates. The battery is decent, but without superfast charging. This phone gets check marks for all the key points in order to succeed in its category, but most of all in sales it will help that it is … iPhone. "

Marquez Brownley, columnist

The Verge editor Dieter Bon went even further and called the new iPhone SE a real threat to $ 1000 flagship sales. On the other hand, the reputable analyst Min-Chi Kuo recently announced that pre-orders for SE were higher than the forecasted level, suggesting that against the backdrop of the crisis, the initial model could well “eat” some of the iPhone 11 sales.

Speaking about the camera, the editor of The Verge noted that she copes flawlessly in good lighting, but the lack of a night mode became a sentence for her under imperfect conditions.

Regarding autonomy, the Engadget browser talks about 11-12 hours of autonomy on a single charge in a typical usage scenario. That is, until the evening the phone will definitely survive even with heavy use.

At the same time, all bloggers and journalists recommend paying an extra $ 50 and taking a version with 128 GB of memory, especially for those who expect a longer use (3-5 years).

It remains to add that iPhone SE sales will start tomorrow, April 24th. Starting tomorrow, the new product will be available in more than 40 countries. In the US, the price of the iPhone SE starts at $ 400 for the version with 64 GB of flash memory, the 128 GB version costs $ 450, and for the version with 256 GB they ask for $ 550.

As for the timing of the appearance of the new iPhone SE in Ukraine, there are no exact dates yet, but given the experience of last year, you can focus on May-June. Estimated Ukrainian prices are already known. By the way, sellers' offers decreased slightly compared to the initial ones:

Apple iPhone SE 2020 64GB Black (MX9R2) Smartphones & Cellphones on from 14 835 UAH Proposals: 3 Compare prices Apple iPhone SE 2020 128GB Black (MXD02) Smartphones and mobile phones on from 16 320 UAH Proposals: 3 Compare prices Apple iPhone SE 2020 256GB Black (MXVT2) Smartphones and mobile phones on from 19 785 UAH Proposals: 3 Compare prices RulerApple iPhone SE 2020 Smartphones and mobile phones on Models in the line: 9 Price Range: 14 835 – 19 999 UAH

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