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Toyota will produce an unprecedented number of electric vehicles for the 2020 Olympics

26.08.2019 0 Comments

Toyota will produce an unprecedented number of electric vehicles for the 2020 Olympics


3,700 vehicles of all sizes, from wheelchairs to buses.

Toyota sees the upcoming Olympics and Paralympics in Japan as a chance to showcase its line of experimental and alternative vehicles. The company plans that its home country will go down in history as organizing the Olympic Games with minimal CO2 emissions.

The main difference between the entire line of alternative vehicles is that these vehicles are not driven by gasoline. They work on electricity, gas or hydrogen. Particularly noteworthy alternative vehicles are autonomous electric vehicles “e-Palette”. They are able to work without drivers, moving along given routes to bring people or goods to the right place.


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<p>Concept-i is also an important vehicle for this Olympics. This electric car will be a working vehicle in the Olympic torch relay and a driving car in a marathon.</p>
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Of course, visitors to the Olympic Games in Tokyo will be able to see scooters of all stripes and sizes. Toyota plans to launch 300 permanent electric scooters, as well as an unspecified number of "personal seated-type mobile devices and wheelchairs." In general, the Olympics in Tokyo should take this event to a new level, because Japan is one of the leading technological countries in the world.

True, it should be noted that the "green" of electric cars is still a big question. Indeed, during the production of batteries, the same CO2 is emitted from which electric cars are going to save the planet. In addition, cobalt is used on an industrial scale, the extraction of which is used by poor Africans and their children.

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