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Trailers for the new series “Ghostwriter” and “Helpsters” appeared on the Apple TV + website

21.09.2019 0 Comments

Trailers for the new series “Ghostwriter” and “Helpsters” appeared on the Apple TV + website


Products were previously reported, but there were no trailers for them.

Judging by how much money Apple spent on creating original content for Apple TV +, it will be high-quality and interesting. In addition, the company is likely to focus on the development of its entertainment services.

Ghostwriter from Apple TV +


Ghostwriter is a remake of the children's series that was released in the USA in the 90s. The story tells of children who noticed that a strange bookstore is releasing characters from works in real life. In the interpretation of Apple TV +, all the characters are animated.

Helpsters is an educational children's show from the creators of Sesame Street. In it, dolls talk about how to solve different life difficulties. In terms of meaning, it will be something similar to our “Fixics”

Both trailers can be viewed on the official AppleTV + website.


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