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TV remotes equated to vaping

19.07.2020 0 Comments

TV remotes equated to vaping


Yes Yes exactly.

Remote control supplies to Russia are under threat. According to Vedomosti, remotes for televisions and other devices fell into the category of goods that can only be declared by the Central Excise Customs (CAT). According to Russian experts, this bureaucratic mistake could lead to the suspension of the supply of remote controls to Russia and the emergence of difficulties in assembling electronics at Russian enterprises.


A bureaucratic error arose after the entry into force of the order of the Ministry of Finance on changes in the competence of customs authorities. According to the order, registration of excisable goods should be carried out only with an orientation to commodity codes. Previously, customs officers could focus on the description of goods.

At the same time, electronic cigarettes, which are currently prohibited from being imported into Russia, were included in the same code with the remote controls. As a result, remote controls were also banned.

According to Vedomosti sources, one of the leading TV manufacturers in Russia has confirmed that remote controls are indeed imported from abroad. In this regard, there is a likelihood of difficulties in the production of televisions in Russia.

Source: Vedomosti.

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