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Update "VKontakte" fixed crashes on iOS 14

15.08.2020 0 Comments

Update "VKontakte" fixed crashes on iOS 14



The VKontakte developers have updated the application for the iPhone with support for iOS 14, eliminating the problem with crashes. The version of the VKontakte application 6.9 released on August 6 runs stably on the iPhone running all beta versions of iOS 14.


Problems with the operation of the VKontakte application and many other popular applications appeared among users after installing iOS 14 beta 4. Applications began to close immediately after launch. Restarting and other traditional fixes for crashing problems did not resolve the issue.

Several developers rushed to release updates in which the problem with working on iOS 14 was fixed. The VKontakte developers have fixed this problem with the 6.9 update, which is available for installation to iPhone users.

Also, iPhone users running iOS 14 complain about crashes of some Yandex applications. However, Yandex has not yet released updates that would fix the popular problem.

Earlier, Apple released the fourth public beta of iOS 14 with previously discovered bugs fixed.

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