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"Updated iOS 13, but lost a photo in two years." Two important iPhone update rules

04.10.2019 0 Comments

"Updated iOS 13, but lost a photo in two years." Two important iPhone update rules


It's important to know!

Not all iPhone users know that there are important rules for updating iOS. Most of them complete the installation completely without a second thought, without thinking that something might go wrong during the upgrade process.


“This is an iPhone, everything should be without problems,” such users think. However, there are important rules and their non-compliance can lead to the loss of valuable data without the possibility of recovery. The two most important update rules were described in this article.

"Updated iOS 13, but lost a photo in two years." Two important iPhone update rules

Important iPhone Update Guidelines

We decided to write this article after the recent sad incident of one of our readers. He lost gigabytes of photos as a result of a failure during the upgrade to iOS 13. Memorable pictures and other data were permanently deleted. A detailed description of the situation from him can be found in the comments to our article on iOS 13 issues.

Now briefly about the rules, following which will allow you to update your iPhone without any problems.

The user started installing iOS 13 over the air from the Settings menu → General → Software Update. Immediately after the start of the firmware download, the iPhone warned that there was not enough memory space. The operating system suggested temporarily uninstalling two applications so that there is enough memory for installation.

The user agreed, then the installation continued in the normal mode at first glance. However, everything went wrong. iPhone hangs on screen with Apple logo. Neither a forced reboot, nor a connection to iTunes in recovery mode, nor just banal waiting did not help restore the iPhone to working condition.

"Updated iOS 13, but lost a photo in two years." Two important iPhone update rules

The function of automatic removal of applications to free up space for a new firmware did not work correctly. It crashed, which caused the installation of iOS 13 to fail.

The first rule is to always free up 5-6 GB of storage space on your iPhone before installing any major iOS update. The smart iPhone feature may not work properly, which causes the update to fail.

It would seem easy to fix the crash. It is enough to enter the iPhone into recovery mode, connect to the computer and update (or restore, depending on the severity of the failure). After that, you need to recover from the backup, and no problems.

But the user did not have a fresh backup of the iPhone. Moreover, as he himself admitted, he did not make a backup copy all two years that he had an iPhone. As a result of this, along with a failure in the firmware, all data on the iPhone was permanently deleted.

Rule two – always back up your iPhone in iTunes or iCloud. Are there many photos on the smartphone? Only in iTunes on the computer! Remember that iCloud only has 5 GB of free space available for free. Some iPhone has dozens of gigabytes of valuable photos and videos. Of course, they will not fit into a 5 GB cloud.

You can say with irony: “Wow, this is valuable advice, thank you!” But in fact, not all iPhone users create a backup. More precisely, the opposite. "Bother" with the creation of a few copy. Most ordinary iPhone owners often don’t even think about it.

As a result, these stories appear on the Internet in which a person loses photos in two years of life. Without recovery.

Earlier, we talked about the fact that every iPhone in iOS 13 has a bug with animation. It is easy to clean.

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