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Users complain about the iPadOS. Firmware quickly discharges devices

20.10.2019 0 Comments

Users complain about the iPadOS. Firmware quickly discharges devices



Apple Tablet PCs are the ultimate battery life record holders. The company says that absolutely any iPad can work up to 10 hours in mixed mode. This indicator has not been beaten by other tablet manufacturers.



However, much has changed with the release of iPadOS. On the Web you can find a huge number of complaints from the owners of the iPad (both old and new models) about the greatly reduced battery life. Dissatisfied users report that the tablets began to sit faster not only during active use, but also in standby mode.

My iPad Pro 11 can run out by 15-20% overnight. When the tablet was running iOS 12, nothing of the kind was observed – the device practically did not discharge in standby mode. iPadOS is a breakthrough, but Apple should definitely work to improve battery life.

It is noteworthy that the problem does not depend on the specific model – the owners of all iPad models are faced to one degree or another with fast discharge.

I don’t know what Apple has changed in the iPadOS, but my 5th generation iPad began to work much less on a single battery charge. I look forward to the release of a new firmware – where this problem will be finally resolved.

Some users even talk about a twofold decrease in battery life.

My brand new iPad Pro is able to work in mixed mode for only 5-6 hours. This is no good.

At the moment, it is possible to solve the problem with fast discharge of the battery only with a complete flashing of the device through the DFU service mode. If this method does not work, it is recommended to wait for the release of iPadOS 13.2. According to user reviews, this problem was finally fixed there.

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