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Vladimir Zelensky: “Ukraine is Apple starting its journey in the garage”

30.10.2019 0 Comments

Vladimir Zelensky: “Ukraine is Apple starting its journey in the garage”


President Vladimir Zelensky, speaking at the investment forum “RE: THINK Invest in Ukraine” in Mariupol, compared Ukraine to Apple, and also recalled the success stories of Google and WhatsApp. It is reported by Gromadske.

“Many countries that are flourishing today were on the verge of extinction from the face of the Earth, they were considered backward and hopeless. Disbelief either destroys or ultimately makes you strong. Today, Ukraine is at this crossroads. We are really in a very difficult situation. But we are Apple, which begins its journey in the garage. Lance Armstrong, who was given a terrible diagnosis. But we know for sure that a very bright dawn will certainly come to replace the dark night. Now our country is on its feet and moving forward, but these steps are uncertain, because we have one heavy load, ”Zelensky said.


He added that the main task of the Ukrainian government today is to end the war and return all Ukrainian territories. This can only be done through diplomatic means, the president said.

“And for this, Ukraine must have a strong position and support, be a state that is respected and respected, be a prosperous, independent and successful country,” he said.

Zelensky noted that peace is impossible without stable economic growth.

“5-7% annually is an ambitious task, large-scale investments are needed to solve it. This forum will be the starting point of the process. Those present at the forum and all those who care can become participants in the restoration of Donbass, ”Zelensky said.

A little later, the President, addressing the participants of the event, once again emphasized that Ukraine is at the very beginning of its path to success:

"Each of the stories [успеха] It’s unique, but many of them have one thing in common – very often it’s not just a success, it’s a success despite everything. Many companies that today are world leaders began their journey with several employees. And their ideas were considered unpromising and even crazy. You've definitely heard of businessmen who did not believe in Google or missed the opportunity to purchase WhatsApp for a small amount. Ukraine is a country of opportunity and today it is knocking at your door. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity. Opportunity never knocks twice. "

At the end of his speech Zelensky gave the floor that he would protect investors.

“I personally promise protection to every investor,” he said.

Source: Gromadske


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