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watchOS 6 is out: what's new, a complete list of innovations, how to install

20.09.2019 0 Comments

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<p>New firmware for Apple Watch!</p> 

<p>Apple has released watchOS 6, the new operating system for the Apple Watch smartwatch. In watchOS 6, Apple developers have implemented many innovations, including a full-fledged application store right on the watch, new dials and extensions for them, new standard applications and much more. Learn more about watchOS 6 in this article.</p>
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Important! watchOS 6 for Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2 will be released before the end of autumn.

watchOS 6 is out: what's new, a complete list of innovations

The main innovation of watchOS 6 is the App Store, available directly on the Apple Watch. Due to it, Apple smart watches become the device even less dependent on the iPhone. If previously it was necessary to install new applications on the Apple Watch through the Watch companion application, then with the advent of watchOS 6 it will be possible to do this from the clock.

In watchOS 6 on Apple Watch, a new Voice Recorder application has been ported to smart watches from the iPhone. It allows users to record voice notes from their wrist.

Another new iOS application on watchOS 6 is Books. It will offer a convenient option for listening to audio books downloaded from the App Store or by the user.

There are completely new applications in watchOS 6. The first is called "Dose" – it serves as a reminder of the need to take pills. The second Cycles app is designed to track your menstrual cycles.

WatchOS 6 introduces several new dial extensions. One of them displays the percentage of completion of the current audiobook, the second – shows the remaining time of the hearing aid, the other – data on noise, the possibility of the onset of rain or snow, and others.

And, of course, watchOS 6 added new dials: “Gradient” – with a stylish gradient color that can be customized, X-Large – with large numbers, “California” – with a classic mechanical watch dial and others.

How to install watchOS 6

To install watchOS 6, you must first upgrade your iPhone to iOS 13. You will learn how to do this correctly in this manual. After installing iOS 13, launch the Watch app, go to the “Updates” tab and start downloading watchOS 6. It is important to note that both iPhone and Apple Watch must be at least 50% charged.

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