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What colors will the iPhone SE 2 come out

08.01.2020 0 Comments

What colors will the iPhone SE 2 come out


Refute the rumors.

At the end of March 2020, Apple will release a new 4.7-inch smartphone iPhone SE 2 (aka iPhone 9). A lot is known about the new product, including the colors of the case in which the model will be released. They should be recalled against the backdrop of the latest fake leak.


What colors will the iPhone SE 2 come out

Fake renderings iPhone SE 2

At the end of the week, iPhone SE 2 renderers began to spread on the Web in an updated design in four colors: black, silver, yellow and red. Many media outlets wrote about these renders, including some major Russian publications. However, it later became clear that the leak is a fantasy of the designer and is in no way associated with Apple. Renders were created by an amateur designer and later posted on Twitter.

The true colors of the iPhone SE 2 cases previously revealed an authoritative analyst Min-Chi Kuo. In the fall, its sources learned that the smartphone will be released in three colors: gray ("space gray"), silver and red. The colors will match the colors of the iPhone 8 case. It is noteworthy that the iPhone SE 2 will not be released in gold. At least this was reported by sources of the famous expert.

The presentation of the iPhone SE 2 will be held in late March 2020. Together with a smartphone, the iPad Pro 2020 will be presented on it, the design of which was declassified this week.

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