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What do we know about the Seraphim messenger?

25.08.2019 0 Comments

What do we know about the Seraphim messenger? "Title =" What do we know about the Seraphim messenger? "Srcset =" v-slukhi-ob-izolyacii-interneta-v-Rossii-2.jpg? x23857 980w, -izolyacii-interneta-v-Rossii-2-520x292.jpg? x23857 520w, interneta-v-Rossii-2-720x405.jpg? x23857 720w "sizes =" (max-width: 980px) 100vw, 980px ">  

<p>It will enter the wide market in September. </p> 

<p>The Russian messenger Serafim enters the wide market in September. However, users of smartphones with installed iOS and running Android can download it now – it is available in the App Store and Google Play.</p>
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“Serafim” is intended primarily for the corporate sector, it was created for safe communication in state-owned companies and large business enterprises.


One of the main advantages of the messenger is that it is completely made in Russia, uses exclusively domestic encryption algorithms, which increases the level of security compared to foreign counterparts. The developers claim that all correspondence and all files will not leave the “Surfim” internal protected environment.

The functionality as a whole is standard for such applications – it is possible to make calls, communicate not only in individual but also in group chats.

In addition, today Vedomosti, referring to its sources from the IT business and the banking sector, said that the Central Bank of the Russian Federation intends to introduce its system of quick payments to the Seraph messenger.

According to Kontur.Foks, Anton Nemkin owns 75% of Serafim LLC, which created the messenger, and another 25% belongs to Yevgeny Zhulanov.

Mr. Nemkin confirmed the partnership with the Central Bank, and also mentioned the WeChat Chinese messenger, which integrates the system of purchasing goods and services – a similar model can be used in Seraphim.

At the moment, in the domestic App Store "Seraphim" takes 53 place in the "Business" section. His rating is 2.7 points based on 16 reviews. On Google Play, the score is lower – 2.2 points out of 5 possible.

In their comments, users note a relatively high speed, lack of a limit in group chats and calls, but complain about a small number of users, insufficient functionality and a strange name.

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