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What iPhone models do not need to be bought at the beginning of 2020

11.02.2020 0 Comments

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<p>Named models and reasons.</p> 

<p>Which iPhone models should I refuse to buy at the beginning of 2020? There are four models that you absolutely cannot recommend buying. And there are more than good reasons for this. It is noteworthy that in each case they are different.</p>
<h2>iPhone 8</h2>
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Let's start with the not very obvious. At first glance, the iPhone 8 seems like a great buy. Its price has declined markedly over the past few months, and in terms of functionality it remains more than modern. However, very soon, Apple will replace the iPhone 8, and will make it profitable for buyers. In March, Apple will release the iPhone 9 (also called the iPhone SE 2), which will be an improved version of the G8, but cheaper. In this regard, the iPhone 8 now looks far from the most correct purchase.


iPhone X

The jubilee iPhone X still remains on store shelves, even though stocks are getting smaller every day. Buying an iPhone X is not recommended because the iPhone XS, an upgraded version, is sold at the same price! Yes exactly. At the end of 2019, retailers made discounts, as a result of which both the iPhone X and iPhone XS were estimated at 55,990 rubles. Under such a condition, acquiring the “top ten” is simply wrong.

iPhone SE

The compact 4-inch iPhone SE is almost out of stock, but you can still find it. True, the price of a smartphone is not happy. If a few months ago, stores sold the model for almost 12 thousand rubles, now it’s impossible to find a smartphone in official retail for less than 20 thousand. Although the iPhone SE is beautiful in its compactness, but 20 thousand for it is frankly too much.

iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s is the most affordable Apple smartphone in Russia right now. And it would seem that it can be advised as an input model for those who are looking for an iPhone, and it’s cheap. But it’s better to pay a little extra for iPhone 7. Firstly, the technological difference between smartphones is decent. And secondly, the iPhone 6s in theory may be left without updates this fall. If Apple does not make exceptions for the smartphone, then iOS 14 for iPhone 6s will not work, since the smartphone will be five years old.

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