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What is the difference between 3D Touch and Haptic Touch?

16.08.2019 0 Comments

What is the difference between 3D Touch and Haptic Touch? "Title =" What is the difference between 3D Touch and Haptic Touch? ">  

<p>We talk about 3D Touch and Haptic Touch, find out the difference. </p> 

<p>The technology for recognizing the force of pressing 3D Touch appeared in iPhones a long time ago, namely, in 2015. The first advantages were able to take advantage of buyers of the iPhone 6S. And after that, she was present in all the following iPhones, except SE.</p>
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However, marketers have long found out that this feature is not particularly popular. Moreover, most owners of iPhones do not know about her at all and do not understand how she can help them in different applications. The blame for this, apparently, in insufficient advertising from Apple itself.


In 2018, the first iPhone in a long time comes out, in which there is no 3D Touch. It's about the XR model. Instead of 3D Touch, the Cupertinians used a cheaper “software” analog called Haptic Touch. At the same time, in XS and XS Max support for 3D Touch is preserved.

Some experts believe that in this way Apple wants to test the new technology in order to use Haptic Touch instead of 3D Touch in the future. Perhaps the likelihood of this is far from zero, that the XS and XS Max will be the last “iPhone” with 3D Touch’s.

Let's look at the differences between 3D Touch and Haptic Touch.

3D touch

3D Touch technology, which debuted in the iPhone 6S, allows the smartphone display to "understand" the force of pressing. This opens up access, for example, to the context menu in some applications – thus, some functions can be used almost instantly.

iPhone 8 will receive a new generation of 3D Touch

A strong press on the screen also allows you to control the cursor on the keyboard, opens access to preview links in Safari. Also, using it, users feel tactile feedback.

In the first beta of iOS 13, support for 3D Touch was randomly disabled at all on all iPhones, but then this omission was corrected. So until the final iOS 13 in September, it will be possible to safely update the owners of devices with 3D Touch’s.

Haptic touch

Haptic Touch in the iPhone XR works in a similar way, using the Taptic Engine vibrator, but the display does not understand the force of pressing, it only recognizes the holding time – the fact is that this is a “software” feature, not at the iron level. This is a much simpler technology. And she does not have and cannot have any deep settings, like the 3D Touch.

By the way, in beta versions of iOS 13 appeared support for Haptic Touch and iPhone SE, which was not in iOS 12. She will surely remain in the final assembly.

According to rumors, the new iPhone – iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max – will receive the Haptic Touch function, but the 3D Touch will be deprived. So whether or not we will find out very soon – the premiere of the devices is expected on September 10 or 12.

But there is a point in this for Apple – firstly, it will make it possible to reduce the cost of manufacturing gadget displays, and secondly, no one will notice the loss of the “iron” 3D Touch, only especially advanced units use it. Yes, and Haptic Touch with most of the tasks of its more advanced counterpart to cope.

We, as users, will win if we replace a broken screen – without 3D Touch, repairs will cost much cheaper.

As for the Haptic Engine, this feature is evolving. Apple has shown that even regular displays without 3D Touch are already capable of recognizing many different types of touches. In addition to the usual pressing, these are touches, for example, with a short hold on the fingers (suitable for moving files and application icons) or long (for deleting files and applications).

And what do our readers think about Apple's possible abandonment of 3D Touch? Do you have enough Haptic Touch features?

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