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What may look like iPhone 12 with a quad camera

05.03.2020 0 Comments

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<p>Leak-based concept.</p> 

<p>Designers from the YouTube channel ConceptsiPhone have created a new concept iPhone 12 – the next flagship smartphone Apple. Artists laid the foundation for the concept of all the latest leaks about the device, including information about the appearance of a four-camera system in the new iPhone.</p>
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The concept allows you to evaluate the possible appearance of smartphones from the iPhone 12 line before the presentation. It is known that devices will receive an updated design. The faces of the new iPhone cases will become rectangular in the style of the iPhone 4 and the latest iPad Pro models.

Xd design

In addition, leaks repeatedly indicated the appearance in the new iPhone system of four cameras and a reduced upper frame. Based on all this information, the designers from ConceptsiPhone created a fresh iPhone 12 concept. According to user reviews on YouTube, such a likely design for future Apple smartphones suited most users.

At the moment, it is not known what Apple plans to do with the upper display frame in the iPhone 12. According to one data, the company will completely abandon the upper frame. According to other information, the frame will only be reduced.

Source: YouTube.

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